Abilene Commercial Construction

Abilene Commercial Construction and Abilene Commercial Development

7B Building & Development specializes in both Abilene commercial construction and development.  It is a family-owned and operated company.  As the city has grown and there had been a need for additional commercial real estate, 7B Building & Development has been proud to serve business owners and corporations in the expansion of the commercial community.  They have built a variety of businesses from retail to office buildings to apartments.  Some businesses served have been sole proprietorships.  Other commercial projects have been the new locations of nationwide chain stores such as Dollar General or Starbucks.

City of Abilene Downtown

At 7B Building & Development, a lot of time is invested in building client relationships.  The goal is total satisfaction with the final product.  Accordingly, efforts are directed to ensure that the expectations of clients are not only being met but exceeded.  There is a process a client is walked through which gives them the advice, recommendations, and options to help them make the best choices for their particular project.  Clients are updated as the work progresses so they know where the project stands at all times.

If you are looking for an Abilene commercial construction company, talk to the experts at 7B Building & Development.  They can show you pictures and give you references of past work.  You can have the confidence that your project will be developed according to your expectations.  Whether you are a large corporation looking to expand into a new market, or a local entrepreneur or businessman, 7B Building & Development will walk you through the process of a commercial project from idea, to draft, to completion.  The stress and worry will be out of your hands and into the hands of professionals, who have a history of delivering satisfied customers.