Construction & Development

Build-to-suit and design-build have a lot in common: both processes are seamless, turnkey building delivery methods. Each includes start to finish solutions from development to delivery. We offer both options and work with clients to identify the best fit for their project.


The build-to-suit method begins as construction is completed and leases for a predetermined time. Over time, build-to-suit proves to reduce costs and shorten completion time.

As the single-source provider for your project, we manage all of the development and construction components. We act as the general manager of the development process, providing vital services in all stages of the process including:

  • Identify and acquire site
  • Assess economic feasibility for development
  • Assess your client’s facility requirements
  • Acquire approval and permit (including zoning and other entitlements)
  • Recommend cost-saving design
  • Coordinate project design and engineering 
  • Complete design and construction support 
  • Coordinate construction bidding and management 
  • Coordinate tenant finish
  • Coordinate project close-out and tenant move 

As a full-service build-to-suit commercial contractor, 7B Building & Development will use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the ultimate success of your project.


Many building projects separate integral parts of the build: architects, engineers and construction professionals operate on separate budgets with different contractors. With a 7B Building & Development design-build, the entire project has one budget and one set of contractors: us. We provide a more efficient construction project, saving you time, stress and money. 

We are confident in the team we’ve built. That’s why we’re willing to be the single contact point for a design-build. This permits the client to streamline communication and have a sole entity responsible for management and accountability. If a process deviates from the original plan, we will be the one addressing the issue. We’re willing to stand by our work; giving our clients peace of mind is what we do.

Some of the primary benefits of utilizing the design-build process include:

  • Cost Saving: The bottom line is usually budget-related. Design-build construction saves both time and money for your project. With streamlined management, builds move more efficiently; on average design-build projects complete 33.5% faster than traditional projects. Less time on a project means more money in your pocket at the end of production.
  • Accountability: 7B Building & Development will be solely accountable for your project. This avoids the possibility of finger-pointing when an issue arises on site. Problems resolve quickly and your project remains on track for completion on time and within budget. We are not afraid to be the one who answers for the good and bad on the job site. 
  • Management: When you work with us, you have the opportunity to discuss and manage your budget through every stage of the project. We are responsible for ensuring all of the costs associated with each contractor fit together within your expectations and budget. You will receive detailed information about the cost implications of each decision related to your project. We will be 100% transparent because we’re on your team from start to finish.

7B Building & Development specializes in design-build projects. We’ve built a team of the best in the industry so we can manage your build with excellence. Call today to meet our team and find out how we can help you with your next commercial construction project. 


The 7B Building & Development approach to the pre-construction phase of your job incorporates a wide variety of services beyond the standard estimation. This process provides the foundation for a successful and timely start to your building and construction project.

General Contracting

Over the last decade, 7B Building & Development has gained a strong reputation throughout the Texas Panhandle and beyond. We built this reputation on our quality construction, dependable service to customers, strict budgetary adherence and exceptional performance as a commercial contractor. At our very core, we are a general contracting firm that has turned into a full-service commercial construction company. Our commercial contracting experience and delivery has fueled our rapid growth.