Leading building industry analysts have described design-build as a more efficient construction project delivery system when compared to the more conventional design-bid-build system. Design-build has one budget for the entire project, rather than separate budgets for different contractors used in the building process. In effect, the architects, engineers, and construction professionals are all included in the single budget.

Design-build has become more common over the last few decades, primarily because of the advantages of a single entity responsible for management and accountability. Design-build permits the owner to have a single point of contact for the building project. This allows for a reduction of risks for the project owner and allows the delivery schedule to be reduced by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. If something ends up being wrong with the job, there is a single entity that is accountable for repairing the problem, instead of a separate designer and constructor.

Some of the primary benefits of utilizing the design-build process are:

  • Cost Savings – Perhaps the single best reason to choose design-build construction over traditional methods is the savings in time and cost for your building project. A study featured on the website: Design-Build Institute for America indicates that design-build projects complete 33.5% faster on average than design-bid-build projects. In addition, design-build projects have fewer change orders than traditional
  • Accountability – When you use a design-build firm, like 7B Building & Development, we are solely accountable for your project. This avoids the possibility of adversarial relationships where contractors point fingers at each other when issues arise. This means that issues are resolved quickly and your project remains on track for completion on time and on budget.
  • Cost/Budgetary Management – When you use 7B Building & Development, a firm that specializes in design-build projects, you have the opportunity to discuss and manage your budget through every stage of the project, from beginning to end. The design-build firm is responsible for making sure all of the costs associated with each contractor fit together in a homogeneous way. You receive detailed information about the cost implications of each decision related to your project.

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