The 7B Building & Development approach to the pre-construction phase of your job incorporates a broad variety of services beyond the standard estimating process. This process provides the foundation for a successful and timely start to your building and construction project.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Initial evaluation of the Owner’s program and task budget plan.
  • Routine meetings with owner, designer and/or experts regarding improvements, materials, systems, and devices to provide suggestions regarding to construction, schedule, budget, and more.
  • Regular updates of the initial project schedule. This will include updates on tasks, project turning points and conclusion dates of specialist obligations, consultant requirements, furnishings, fixtures & devices setups, and all other important activities.
  • Preliminary cost estimates of the work at pre-determined periods.
  • Suggestions for alternates as needed for the function of obtaining economies of scale within overall job cost.
  • Hiring of subcontractors, suppliers and other required associates for their interest in the project.
  • Evaluation of credentials of these entities, plus list of certified bidders for the project with recommendations to the owner.
  • Determination of long lead time items for the task and suggest a schedule to the owner for the procurement of these items. Early participation of trade subcontractors will be essential in understanding constructability and recognizing the most cost-efficient solutions.
  • Optimize trade and volume discounts where relevant.
  • Research & study of readily available energy company refund programs for possible rewards in high-efficiency A/C, lighting, etc.
  • Determine and suggest the most suitable type of building agreement and delivery approach that will result in the best financial outcomes for ownership.

7B Building & Development is committed to the success of your project and has the experience to see your project through from pre-construction to completed delivery. You’ll quickly see in our work, that our goal is to be the best commercial construction specialists anywhere. Call today to inquire about our pre-construction services or to get a quote.